Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Biography with links

Well , Hello my Lette's and Lo's pleasure to meet you all ^^ my name is Morrigan , I'm a girl , daaa, I'm 5'3 short little ginger , ha ha, I live in the state of Massachusetts, I'm still a High School student , I'm currently in the PM program , but some hobbies i have is drawing , and doing art projects , i also enjoy myself a good scary story , or any type of story, hmm, I'm a music junkie, so i love all type of music, but most of all phycopathic, i also enjoy baking , i love to make cookies the most , i also enjoy sitting back with my friends and enjoying the little parts of life , I'm not one to sugar coat anything , i will tell you the truth , and will tell you how it really is , so don't expect anything less. I am a strong individual , i don't let anyone , or anything tell me I'm going to "fail ", but when i do fail , i try again , that's what life is about , getting pushed down to get back up and try again , I'm a firm believer, that men and woman are equal, so "if she hits like a man shes go's down like a man ", saying that i 'd also like to add i don't agree with men beating woman ,but if your getting beat up by a woman and your male you do have a right to defend your self, to a point, I'm not one to say I've lived a easy life, everyone has they re own life story , i have mine, i dislike people who live in the past and never learn to move on from past "mistakes, trauma, or situations ", its called the past for a reason , i am a animal lover, i enjoy cats over dogs, I'm going to probably be the 40 year old cat lady with like 60 cats and one dog that sits out in the back yard , but a couple more things about me are that i am a Firm believe in the amendment  II the right of people to keep and bear arms
i think that everyone (who is mentally fit)  should be aloud to own a gun with proper training . i love to talk about religion (pagan , Satanic, Wicca , druid ) i find that and the "afterlife" very intriguing , i am a licenced Advanced Open Water  Scuba diver i prefer warm water diving over cold, but i live in MA so its always cold , i like to travel , and go camping , dance for charity , play Pokemon fire red on DS, i look at myself as a major geek/nerd/weirdo/crazy  person !, i see my self being dead before the age of 40, but i also see my self still being the great and caring person i am today, But ill still be misunderstood and "different". but i see my self in 5 years as  a Apprentice Tattoo Artist , leaving my art work , as a beautiful accessorise of life , welp...that's basically it, thank you for reading

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